3-375L FIA Electrical
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3-375L FIA Electrical

Product Code: WFS337E


3.375 Litre FIA Approved Electrical Plumbed-in Fire Extibguisher System for open cockpit Single Seater cars.

Plumbed-in System which utilises Willans Advanced Compression Discharge System (ACDS). This system maintains a higher pressure during discharge which promotes better atomisation and produces more foam allowing fewer nozzles and smaller tubing.

√ Advanced Compression Discharge System for better foam creation

Microprocessor controlled firing box featuring dashboard indicator and service due countdown timer

√ Alcohol Resistant AFFF foam can be used on all hydrocarbon fuels including Petrol, Diesel,Methanol, Ethanol, Bio-Diesel, E85

√ Non-Toxic

√ Non-Ozone depleting

√ FXT™ tubing is fire resistant and crush resistant

√ System requires only 3 nozzles and 6mm tubing for easy plumbing