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How do I install my harness?
Please see our downloads section where many of our installation instruction sheets are available to download. If you cannot see the instructions for your type of harness please email us as we continue to update this section.
Which type of harnesses do I need?

The type of harness required depends very much on the type of vehicle, the type of motorsport and the certification required. If you are unsure please contact us and we can discuss the available options.

What width of belts do I need for FIA certification?

For FIA approval the shoulder straps must be 3 inches wide except for HANS Use Only harnesses where a 3" to 2" shoulder strap is allowed. If the HANS Use Only straps are used then a HANS device must be worn to comply with the FIA regulations.

For FIA approval the lap straps can be either 2 inches or 3 inches wide according to driver preference.

Crutch straps are 2" wide. Single Seater style Loop and D crutch straps have a 1" loop on the end of the 2" webbing to thread through the D rings.

What type of webbing do you use in the harnesses?

At Willans we only use top quality military specification polyester webbing in all our harnesses. We do not use Nylon webbing which is inferior for harness applications due to its excessive stretch and its poor resistance to UV light and to water absorbtion. The reason that SFI in the USA specifies only a 2 year life for harnesses is the insistance of US manufacturers to use inferior Nylon webbing.

What certification do your harnesses have?

We make racing harnesses to FIA, SFI 16.1 and SFI 16.5 regulations as well as non competition harnesses to ECE and FMVSS standards. We also produce bespoke harnesses for a large array of applications where no certification is required including boats and light aircraft.

How do I choose the correct HANS® Device?
To choose the appropriate size and model of HANS® device, it is necessary to determine the angle of your seating position and to measure your neck size. The HANS® device can be used with any helmet which has FIA/HANS® homologation and approval.

3 Inclinations:
- 10°: Very Upright seating position (Rally...)
- 20°: Upright seating positions (Saloons, GT...)
- 30°: Semi-Reclined seating position (Single seaters and prototypes)
- 40°: Reclined seating position (Some Historic F1 cars)

2 Sizes:
- Small: neck size less than 38cm (<15”)
- Medium: neck size between 38 and 45.5 cm (15"to 18").
- Large: neck size over 45.5cm (> 18").

2 Ranges:
- Pro range (520g to 600g)
-Hi-Tec range (400g to 500g)

If you wish to seek further advice on HANS® devices, please do not hesitate to contact us!