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HANS® Hi-Tec Series
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HANS® Hi-Tec Series

Product Code: HANSHiTec

The Hi-Tec devices (4006 to 500g) are top of the range and are amongst the lightest available. We also have just a few samples of the Pro models left (520g to 600g) - call for special pricing whilst stocks last.


HANS® devices are now required in most circuit racing and rally championships (eg F1, WRC, WTCC, F3000, Nascar, IRL, Champ Car, DTM, GT International, etc..) and are highly recommended by the FIA even when they are not mandatory.


The HANS® device has established itself as a fundamental component of driver safety as tests have shown it reduces the risk of neck and spinal injury in the event of sudden and violent deaccelerations often experienced in racing related impacts.


Our HANS® device is made from high strength carbon fibre and complies with FIA 8858-2002, a standard which established the criteria for optimal resistance to the forces applied to a drivers head and neck in the sudden decceleration experienced in an impact.