Willans launch FIA Approved Fuel Bladders

We are very pleased to announce that we are now manufacturing FIA FT3 Approved fuel bladders!

After two years of intensive development to create a high quality product we are please to offer our W301 Kevlar based fuel bladders which have the following features:

  • FIA FT3 Approved
  • Lightweight
  • Very thin and flexible
  • Short leadtimes
  • Competitive prices

The use of Kevlar woven fibre material to give the required strength allows a much thinner material which is much lighter than Nylon competitors as well as conforming very well to unusual shapes and tight radius corners.

Willans have invested in the latest custom designed CNC machinery and CAD/CAM software to allow for a quick turnaround from initial design to the cut material ready for fabrication. We can create a bladder from an old tank, a CAD drawing or a simple sketch. We are also able to create nut rings and fill plates to industry standards or to customer specification.

FIA FT3 Approved Fuel Bladder


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