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We are a family run business established in 1967 and totally dedicated to the safety of race car and sporting drivers.

While high profile motor sport is the most demanding part of Willans' business, with many top drivers requesting bespoke harnesses, it is complemented by the production of a range of standard models. Willans produce harnesses for many different types of competition vehicle with the same high quality of workmanship and design.

Outside motor sport, Willans reputation for reliable, high quality safety harnesses has led to its involvement in a number of world class projects. These include manufacturing the harness for the Thrust SSC which broke the land speed record in 1997 and also helping the MIR Space Station with research into osteoporosis. We are pleased that the new Bloodhound project have chosen Willans to protect Andy Green with both the driver Safety Harness and on board Fire Extinguisher system when attempting to achieve 1000mph.

Willans supplied harnesses to both Virgin Atlantic Challenger attempts when Sir Richard Branson smashed the world record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic achieving this amazing feat in a 72 foot powerboat.